IMPORTANT NOTICE: DUE TO COVID-19 THE PRODUCTION SITE FOR THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN CLOSED UNTIL AT LEAST MID-APRIL. Delivery of this product will be delayed due to the current national health crisis.  Production is currently scheduled to resume mid-April 2020, but new orders coming in will incur an additional 16 business days to process after that. 

Give a unique, personalized gift commemorating one special day in your loved one’s life. Just choose a date from the past 100 years and we’ll create and send you a framed Columbus Dispatch newspaper reprint of that day in history culled from the vast Columbus Dispatch newspaper archive collection.  Or, choose to give many decades of front pages bound in a custom Birthday Book complete with embossed hard cover showing your loved one’s name and date of birth. It’s the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding days or to mark the joyous birth of a new family member.